/Fast Recognition Of A Stroke

Fast Recognition Of A Stroke

F – Face – Are both sides equal ? Is smile equal ?

A – Arms – Can the person raise both arms equally ?

S – Speech – Is speech slurred ? Can the person make a sentence ?

– Time – Get help now. There is a small window of opportunity.


Stroke ( third most common cause of death in United States ) is the sudden onset of a neurological deficit from the death of brain tissue. In a stroke , a cerebral vessel is blocked by a thrombosis occurring in the vessel or by an embolus to the vessel.


Sudden blockage in the flow of blood to the brain ( 85% of cases)

Bleeding ( 15% of cases)

Management at Home

-Green or Black Tea

-Fruits and vegetables


-Manage your weight

-Dont stress out

-Exercise a little everyday

-Get enough quality sleep

Have Garlic , Ginger , Turmeric , Coconut water , Ginseng etc Daily in your diet.