/A Look at Natural Remedies for Hair Health

A Look at Natural Remedies for Hair Health

White hair, or premature graying, is a common aesthetic concern for many individuals. While conventional medicine offers various solutions like hair dyes and treatments, traditional systems like Unani medicine provide alternative perspectives and natural approaches to address white hair. In this article, we will explore the understanding of white hair in Unani medicine and the potential remedies and practices that can promote healthy hair pigmentation.

Understanding Unani Medicine:

Unani medicine is an ancient system of medicine that originated in ancient Greece and later evolved with contributions from Persian, Arab, and Indian scholars. It follows the principles of balancing the four humors (blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile) to maintain overall health. Unani medicine emphasizes the holistic approach to treatment, considering the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

White Hair in Unani Medicine:

In Unani medicine, white hair is considered a sign of an imbalance in the body’s humors. The condition is often associated with an excess of black bile or a disturbance in the body’s natural equilibrium. Several factors can contribute to this imbalance, including genetics, age, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and certain underlying health conditions.

Unani Approach to Managing White Hair:

  • Diet and Nutrition: Unani medicine emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and proper nutrition for overall health, including hair health. A diet rich in essential nutrients, such as vitamins (particularly vitamin B-complex), minerals (like copper and zinc), and proteins, is believed to support hair pigmentation and delay premature graying. Foods like leafy greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and dairy products are often recommended.
  • Herbal Medicines: Unani medicine utilizes various herbs and herbal formulations to support hair health and promote natural pigmentation. Some commonly used herbs include Amla (Emblica officinalis), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), and Henna (Lawsonia inermis). These herbs are believed to nourish the hair follicles, improve blood circulation to the scalp, and help restore natural hair color.
  • Scalp Massage and Hair Care: Unani medicine emphasizes the practice of regular scalp massage using herbal oils or formulations. Massage improves blood circulation to the hair follicles, strengthens the roots, and helps maintain healthy hair. Additionally, gentle hair care practices like avoiding harsh chemicals, excessive heat styling, and frequent hair washing are encouraged to prevent damage and promote hair health.
  • Stress Management: Unani medicine recognizes the impact of stress on overall health, including hair health. Managing stress through relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoga can be beneficial for maintaining healthy hair pigmentation.
  • Herbal Hair Masks and Rinses: Unani medicine suggests the use of herbal hair masks and rinses to nourish the hair and promote natural pigmentation. Ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, and Shikakai are commonly used in hair care preparations. These natural remedies are believed to strengthen the hair, improve texture, and enhance hair color.

While Unani medicine provides alternative approaches to addressing white hair, it is important to note that individual results may vary. Consulting a qualified Unani practitioner or healthcare professional is advisable to understand the underlying causes and develop a personalized treatment plan.


Unani medicine offers holistic perspectives and natural approaches to promote healthy hair pigmentation and address white hair concerns. Incorporating a balanced diet, herbal remedies, scalp massage, stress management techniques, and gentle hair care practices can support hair health and delay premature graying. Embracing these natural approaches, along with professional guidance, can help individuals maintain vibrant and healthy hair.